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"In 2001, I was involved in a serious accident. I was left with limited mobility and chronic pain. Finally, I was referred to Julie by Larry Ogilvie of Fernandina's Advanced Muscle Therapy. Her approach resulted in the first real pain and mobility relief since the accident." 

- Jim Layman, Amelia Island, FL

"I saw John Kato for a massage and he did a phenomenal job. I have been to over 15 massage therapists and although many of them are very skilled, he is the first one to have worked in-depth on my forearms and some deep anterior neck muscles. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Dr. James Antun, D.C., M.S.

"John and Julie's work is transforming!"

- Cathy J.         

"I became a client of Julie's in September of 2008. Through Julie's mind-body approach she was not only able to release my muscle tension through massage but also aid me in recognizing and clearing emotional baggage I had been storing in my body for years. Her intuitive guidance has assisted me on a path of healing both physically and emotionally."

- Tracy McQuaid, Certified Pilates Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, AFAA

"I have a facial scar from surgery and Rose has completely lessened the healing time and turned a hard as rock area to a flush soft area that blends in with the rest of my skin.  These Lymphatic treatments and Rose TRULY make a positive difference!  Julie is a complete savior in her massage techniques as well!  Magical place to visit overall."

-Sheba K.

"I can't say enough how much John helped my neck problem. After only one visit, I'm out of pain. Thank you so much again for relieving my pain!"

"I have been suffering with chronic pain from TMJ for over a month. In one session with Julie, my pain is almost gone and my mouth has so much more range of motion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. So grateful for the relief you have provided." 

Jodi S.

- Suzanne P. 

"Timmarie was very professional and gives an excellent massage. All of my kinks are gone!"

-Susan D.

"I tell ALL my friends about this place.  There is a massage therapist to suit everyone’s preferences.  From John, who is a magician at fixing all aches and pains , to Rose who does an amazing Lymphatic treatment, to Julie who is amazing with TMJ.  As I work in the same industry, I have a good idea of what to look for and this place is top notch.  Highly recommended!"

-Laurie S.

"I have found all of the massage therapists to be excellent!" 


I have taken advantage of massage therapy for many years to improve my health and well-being. As a physician dedicated to health and fitness, I understand the importance of a therapeutic (vs ‘feel good’) massage and highly recommend Therapeutic Solutions and John Kato in particular for his science based and effective massage therapy. He has made it possible for me to stay active and engaged with life. If you are looking for actionable results, I highly recommend Therapeutic Solutions of Amelia.

Dr. Mark Nelson MD, FACC, MPH Optimal Health Practicioner

Since we’ve moved here one of the best ‘finds’ has been Therapeutic Solutions!  Not only the massages and the friendliness but also the genuine care shown made us true fans.

Try a massage but don't take my spot! Timmarie is the best!



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